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Учебные планы бакалавров по специальностям Светотехника, Квантовая и оптическая электроника, программа по физиологической оптике

Greetings, dear colleagues!

Thank you for your attention to our science group and research! You can download MVDOM software for vectorial radiative transfer calculations by the link below.

Description of the product:

  • MVDOM ― main calculation module
  • legzo ― roots and weights of gaussian quadrature
  • QRTm ― generalized spherical functions
  • Chik_Rayleigh, Chik_aer, Chik_cloud ― greek scattering macrices for calculation options
  • Compare ― module that compares SCIATRAN and MVDOM calculations
  • SCIATRAN_Rayleigh, _aer, _cloud ― result tables of SCIATRAN
  • MVDOM_fortran ― Fortran MVDOM variant, still in development